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Phoebe set

Romantic jewellery that enhances your beauty and grace. This fine handmade piece is the embodiment of the female gentle energy with its pale pink nuances. Perfect for both daily activities as well as evening occasions. Its color and design make it easily combined with a wide variety of prints and textures. For this stylish jewellery, we’ve chosen rose quartz along with gentle pearls and shiny crystals.

Available: 1

Stones information:


  • Rose quartz – It is believed that the rose quartz connects deeply with the female energy and symbolizes all aspects of femininity. When worn, the stone enhances the feelings of love and happiness. Perhaps that’s why people tend to refer to it as “the heart of all stones”. Its pale pink color appears gentle and sophisticated. It’s the go-to stone if you want to enhance your self-care and self-love.


  • Mallorcan pearls – the art of wearing pearls have always been a symbol of sophistication, luxury, and style. Stumbling upon a pearl oyster is seen as something beyond just sheer luck. That’s why jewelers all over the world began thinking of ways to manufacture artificial pearls that are, by all means, as great as nature-born ones. Eduard Jugo Heusch was a German engineer who succeeded in manufacturing high-quality pearls and moved his business to the city of Mallorca. The Mallorcan pearls are incredibly difficult to distinguish from the natural ones. Having them as a part of your jewellery will certainly help you look more stylish and luxurious.


Additional jewellery information:


  •  Material  medical  silver alert
  • Set of bracelet, necklace and a FREE PAIR OF EARRINGS
  • Exclusive handmade design
  • One size
  • Chain length 45cm
  • Size of necklace stone Rose quartz 6.5cm
  • Size of bracelet stone Rose quartz 4cm
  • Small stones rose quartz ,crystals