• Maia handmade jewellery set
  • Maia handmade jewellery set
  • Maia handmade jewellery set
  • Maia handmade jewellery set

Maia set

This piece jewellery contains a necklace and a bracelet. It combines perfectly with any garment. What makes it stand out are the incredible stones used for its design – lapis lazuli, sodalite and blue aventurine. We’ve also included the figure of the butterfly – it resembles transformation, change and elevation – certainly better days are coming! This handmade piece of jewellery will instantly make any look shine and dazzle everyone.

Available: 1

Stones  information:


  • Lapis lazuli – this stone is very popular with its empowering effect. It symbolizes both health and harmony. Anyone who wears it is likely to feel balanced, relaxed and in peace with his inner self.


  • Blue aventurine – the blue aventurine is one of the people’s favorite gemstones because of its incredible blue nuances. Aside from its looks, this stone is believed to be very powerful as it symbolizes defense, love, power and relaxatio
  • Sodalate  Stone that  kindles the imagination and encourages artful expression.






Additional jewellery information:

  • Material medical silver alert
  • Set of a bracelet and a necklace
  • Exclusive handmade design
  • One size
  • Chain Length 45cm
  • Size of necklace stone sodalite 5.5cm
  • Size of bracelet stone blue aventurine  5.4cm
  • Small stones lapis lazuli ,crystals ,blue aventurine