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Hera set

A piece of jewellery that embodies the spirit of health and well-being while also looking stunning and extremely elegant. This handmade item will surely help you embrace your inner femininity. We believe every woman needs an accessory that adds just the right amount of luxury and grace to her overall outfit. The stones’ stylish natural blue color makes them the perfect jewellery companion to a wide variety of garments and ready-to-wear outfits.

Available: 1

Stones information:


  • Turquoise – this blue-to-green mineral is incredibly rare. It is believed to bring luck and health and it symbolizes life itself with its never-ending cycle. By wearing turquoise, you can enhance your inner balance.
  • Agate – the agate stone is believed of bringing strength and durability to its wearer. It symbolizes longevity, health, and defense against bad luck and illness. 

Additional jewellery information:


  • Material  medical silver alert
  • Set of bracelet, necklace and a FREE PAIR OF EARRINGS
  • Exclusive handmade design
  • One size
  • Chain length 45cm
  • Size of necklace stone Blue Agate 5.5cm 
  • Size of bracelet stone Blue Agate 7cm
  • Small stones turquoise ,crystals