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The dragonfly symbolizes the power of now – to be fully aware of the present moment. We’ve implemented it as a centerpiece of this jewellery. Its elegance will certainly suit your taste and will quickly transform any outfit into an outstanding garment.

Available: 1

Stones information:


  • Amazonite – as its name suggests, the Amazonite stone resembles water – that’s why it is essentially associated with strength, calmness, and love. Much like the river can be both incredibly powerful and amazingly calm, so are the feelings this stone brings. It’s believed that the amazonite can enhance our communication and verbal abilities.


  • Agate - people believe it’s capable of bringing strength and durability to its wearer. The agate stone symbolizes longevity, health and defense against bad luck and illness. 


Additional jewellery information:

  • Material medical silver alert
  • Set of a bracelet and a necklace
  • Exclusive handmade design
  • One size
  • Chain Length 45cm
  • Size of necklace stone green dyed agate 7.7cm
  • Small stones amazonite ,crystals